Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association

Common Sense



I am Sandy Newsome, candidate for House District 24. I am running for the legislature to represent the broad common sense values of Wyoming people—working hard, solving problems and making our state better. Wyoming became my home in 1982, when I began work as a meat inspector for the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.  In 1989, I married Bob Newsome and joined him full time in his business in Cody.

We all agree that the state's budget is a top concern and navigating the state's challenging budgetary issues is a priority. I feel uniquely prepared to handle this challenge. I have been a successful Cody business owner for over 25 years. My primary responsibility in all my business endeavors has been to ensure the financial success these endeavors by developing long and short term financial & marketing plans, as well as overseeing everyday operations.    

Tourism is Wyoming’s second largest industry. The benefits of a thriving tourism economy are seen in Park County and across the state. Tourism adds value in times of economic prosperity and is a stabilizing force during periods of revenue decline. I have recently earned the endorsement of the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association.    In his letter, WLRA Executive Director Chris Brown stated  "Her extensive career as a small business owner combined with the leadership she has demonstrated as the Chairman and long time member of the Wyoming Tourism Board has provided her with an exceptional level of experience.”  

As chairman of the Wyoming Tourism Board, I guided the board through a thoughtful and strategic process, implementing cuts with the least negative/potentially detrimental impact on the tourism industry that is so important to Park County.  I am ready to use that knowledge and experience to represent Park County in the state legislature.

Rather than an across-the-board budget cuts, I recommend strategic reductions – directing agencies to first optimize efficiencies in their programs and projects before cutting services.

In 2013, I was named Wyoming’s SBA Small Business Advocate of the Year for my work supporting small businesses.  I have served on the board of Forward Cody, our economic development organization, for the past 6 years.  Our primary focus has been to support the retention and expansion of existing businesses.  Statewide, we need to ensure that government supports rather than restricts the economic engine of the state.

We must aggressively seek alternative industries and businesses not just to balance energy revenue losses, but also to provide gainful employment for those impacted. In addition, we need to support the technological updating of the energy industry such as coal and oil exploration while preserving our environment.

I will bring common sense, collaboration and compassion to the legislature.  I will join forces with legislators, public employees, teachers & administrators, and with you, the voters of House District 24, to solve problems and create solutions for our citizens.   I agree with Senator Mike Enzi-- people can agree on 80 percent of the issues 80 percent of the time, and if they leave the other 20 percent out, much can be accomplished. With this mentality, we can become one of the most effective legislatures in recent history. 

I pledge to work diligently and put my business background to work for Cody, Park County and all of Wyoming.

I am running as a Republican because now, more than ever, the state government needs the skills I have developed throughout my business career.   

Wyoming is not a "one size fits all" state; therefore, we need representation in the state House that will benefit all of our citizens.