Neil and Sandy Beisler

Jim and Pam Betters

Ted & Judith Blair

Bob Bole

Mary & Ron Borman

Mike and Linda Bromley

Jim & Julie Bruno

Rich & Bernie Butcher

Mary Caucutt

Hank Coe

Mike Cox

John Darby

Cheryl Darling

Bob and Sandy Davidson

Milton Deerborn

Steve and Karen Devenyns

Ev and Susan Diehl

Ann Eckhart

Paula Evans

Ira Fellows

Sherrie & Don Frame

Andy & Bonnie Franklin

Bill Garlow

Tom & Jacque Good

Sharon Gray

Kay Gribble

Steve Harbeson

Lee and Jan Hermann

John Housel

Christine Houze

Roy & Mina Holm

Jody & Jim Horvath

Pete and Kathleen Jachowski

Kelly Jensen

Alan and Lolly Jolley

Ray Lee

Patra Lindenthal

Cathi Love

Melanie & Pete Lovelace

Sue Morgenson

Ken Martin

Mic and Darlene McCarty

Greg and Char McCue

John and Maryann McGee

Ali McIver

DeLissa Minnick

Wiley Newsome

Linda Nolan

Doug and Carolyn Nordberg

Tim O'Leary

Sharee Paquette

Al and Ann Simpson

Rob & Dossie Overfield

Steve & Claire Potter

Theo & Mike Riley

Peggy Rohrbach

Jim & Wanda Shorb

Dick & Jacque Stouffer

Dina Tassione

Howard Thompson

Joe Tilden

Laura Vanderberg

Claudia & Tim Wade

Jack and Pink Way

All of them live and work in Park County

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  • Economic Development
  • Tourism
  • Health Care

“The Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association proudly endorses Sandy Newsome for House District 24.  Her extensive career as a small business owner combined with the leadership she has demonstrated as the Chairman and long time member of the Wyoming Tourism Board has provided her with an exceptional level of experience.”  

WLRA Executive Director

Chris Brown

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